The Plastics Crisis

Ocean Wise Seafood is proud to partner with Brand Halo for this fundraising opportunity. The money from this fundraiser will go directly to supporting the Ocean Wise Seafood program and our efforts to increase access to sustainable seafood across the seafood supply chain and within the restaurant industry. Through exciting and innovative collaborations like this, we can all continue to support and push the sustainable seafood forward.

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats that is facing our worlds oceans today. But in addition to overfishing, there is another major threat facing our worlds oceans globally: ocean plastics. It is estimated that the world produces about 380 million metric tonnes of plastic yearly, but more than half of it is thrown away (Source: Our World in Data). Of that, each year 8 million metric tons of plastics enters our oceans and this number is estimated to continue to increase over time (Source: Ocean Conservancy). Tackling ocean plastic is timely and vital to supporting overall ocean health.

Brand Halo will be bringing a new product to the Canadian market to address another large plastic issue which impacts the hospitality industry directly: plastic straws. For businesses that are looking to curb their impact on the environment in an ever growing take out world, Brand Halo brings you an alternative to plastic: a paper straw that is both biodegradable and FSC certified from reused paper. Part proceeds from every case sold will go to support the Ocean Wise Seafood program.

Help Support - Ocean Wise Seafood Paper Straws Program


  • Certified Free Of PFAS
  • Gluten free, Dairy Free
  • Organic glue
  • Natural cellulose paper
  • Sustainable forest initiative approved (FSC certified)
  • 100% marine degradable
  • CFIA and FDA approved
  • Reef and Ocean friendly
  • Organic food dyes
  • Long lasting 4+ hour liquid rigidity tested

Per case (6,000 Straws) $210

3 boxes (1,500 Straws) $54.99

1 box (500 Straws) $18.99

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